€ 199

For those with grand ideas but no idea on how to plan it, our initial consultation will help you get things on track.

In an hour we will understand your plans and goals, we'll draft a plan of action and lay ground for getting started.

What to expect
  • Plan of action for getting your idea live
  • A narrow down document with your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Better understanding of what will be needed in terms of technology


Follow the wizard

After an idea is in place it's time we get our hands dirty.

This means we start building your idea and after launching we will keep constantly improving it. Because each project is unique the costs might vary, but you can have an idea using our app wizard.

What to expect
  • A fully functional product shipped
  • Constant updates on your product, based on user feedback and data
  • A dedicated team working without the hassle of building and mantaining a whole tech department


Contact us

All ideas are supposed to thrive and grow and when this moment reaches it's time to graduate.

Contact us to have an idea of efforts and investment on transferring.

What to expect
  • Graduate with a fully functional tech department
  • Being matched with a CTO and an internal team to carry on your product

Do you have questions?

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