Why do you charge for the initial consultation?

After a few years and talking to a lot of entrepreneurs we noticed that only the ones commited to invest on their business would thrive. By initially requiring a commitment we already pre-select our customers from commited to just curious. We hope in the future we might come up with something that could accomodate ideas better.

Are you still making websites and mobile apps?

Yes. Even though we revamped our page and proposal we are still open to a few projects like in the old days. Get in touch and we might discuss.

I noticed the URL is now SE, why's that?

We moved to Sweden! Even though we still have clients and operations in Brazil, we are now focusing on European market for our new phase.

So is it a venture builder? A studio? What exactly are you guys?

It's hard to try to put a specific label on our work specially with the diverse skillset our team has built. We could call ourselves a venture builder, yes. Also could call as a studio or agency. Honestly? We don't care much about labels but in getting our hands dirty with tech.

How much does it costs to make an app?

This is very subjective as there are a lot of variables involved. We came up with a wizard (check our pricing screen) which we are improving to be able to give better estimates in the near future.

Still have questions?

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