..when Gus Fune left Papo de Homem and decided to try something new. Because of his expertise as a developer, he was called by companies struggling with tech. Mainly problems were sites and apps. By the end of the year, we started working with SEB, one of the biggest educational groups in Brazil.

From 2012 to 2014 we started to grow a lot and worked with many cool brands. It was a great time and we didn't even had a website live until then! In 2013 it was our big year when we released the first Google Glass app outside the US for Bradesco – one of the biggest Brazilian banks. It was a success – even though Glass didn't stick around – and in 2014 we started to work with GOL, the biggest airline in Brazil.
The next years we had a lot of bigger projects and clients, but we were also getting tired of the pace of things. By 2017 the market was not favorable and we took a hard decision: close shop.

By the end of 2019 things changed. Our founder moved to Sweden where things looked promising. A lot of things going on the startup scene and lack of people that could help all the tech demand. That's when the decision to bring back Epic Awesome started. Gus Fune then called some previous partners and people from the "old times" and here we are back on the road again. 2020 is going to be very promising for business and we are already at full speed working in two locations.

This is out amazing team

Gus Fune


Has over 10 years experience with startups and digital products. Co-founded a few startups in Brazil and now is relaunching Epic Awesome from Sweden. With a long list of accomplishments on startups, advertising and media worked with clients like Mc Donalds, BMW, Coca-Cola, etc.

Lucas Cerro

VP of Design

Art Director since 2000, and focused on digital products since 2006, I'm a Product Designer with a wide array of experience -- from Branding and Publishing to new technologies and a bit of coding -- and a deep focus on User Experience, Design Thinking and Design Ops for the last 5 years. Also love cooking and coffee.

Eden Wiedemann

VP of Sales & Expansion

Has over a decade of experience leading digital products and startups. Co-founder of Wololo, developed products like Talkative, Republik, Canera Kids and others. Also worked with brands like Unilever, Itaú, Samsung, PepsiCo, Heineken, etc.

Igor Castilheiro

Head of Mobile

Has over a decade of experience with PHP and JAVA, is our expert on mobile technologies.


Head of Finance

With over a decade of experience on project and team management, corporate training, recruitinting and business processes. Head of operations at Wololo and former director of audit division at BDO, with previous experiences with PwC, Enel, Tredegar and Starwood Hotels.


Head of Back-End

Has over a seven year of experience web developer with Python. Developed products like Talkative, Canera Kids, Doe Tweet, Casa do Saber, Dicas 99, Lojão do Cabelereiro and others. Also worked on companies like Wololo, Arcos, Match Comunicação, Cruso Radix, SODA Virtual, etc.


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